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Ensure That Your New Washing Machine Has A Vibration Control Feature

When you have a load of clothing, bedding, or towels in your washing machine, the last thing that you want is for the machine to vibrate violently because the load has shifted to one side of the machine. While there are various solutions that you can employ to reduce this vibration, your best option is to buy a machine that simply won't vibrate in the same manner as other machines. As you shop, look for a machine that has a vibration control feature. The wording of this feature can vary between brands, but it generally means that the machine will sense when a load becomes out of balance and compensate accordingly to prevent vibration. Here are some benefits of a machine with this feature.

Time Saved 

An out-of-balance load of laundry that causes a washing machine to vibrate excessively requires you to intervene. Regardless of where you are in the house, you'll hear the sound of the vibration and need to take action by opening the machine, rearranging the lopsided load of laundry, and then closing the machine again. If your current machine vibrates frequently, you may be aware of how much time you invest in fixing this issue. When you have a machine with a vibration control feature, you'll no longer have to take time to intervene.

Floor Protection

When a washing machine vibrates excessively without someone intervening, it will typically move across the floor of the laundry room to some degree. This movement can often result in floor damage over time, depending on what type of flooring you have in this part of your home. Damage to your floor can not only be an eyesore but can also require you to eventually install new flooring. These issues won't be a concern when you have a machine with a vibration control feature, as it will remain in place throughout the washing cycle.

Less Noise

When the laundry inside of a washing machine gets out of balance, causing the machine to vibrate excessively, the noise that the machine produces will be very loud. If you're the type of person who often puts a load of laundry on before bed, there's a good chance that the sound of the machine vibrating will wake you up. The lack of vibration-related noise with a machine that has a vibration control feature won't disturb your sleep or the sleep of any members of your family. Visit an appliance store to look at washing machines, and don't forget to ask a salesperson to point out some models that have a vibration control feature.