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A Reverse Osmosis Filtration System Provides Your Family With Purified Drinking Water

If you want to filter your drinking water, there are several types of filters you can choose from. However, when you want one of the most effective filters that can be hidden under your sink, then look into a reverse osmosis filtration system. Here's some information about how these filters work and how they're installed.

A Reverse Osmosis System Has A Series Of Filters

A reverse osmosis system is a series of filters and a filtration membrane that's capable of removing a wide range of chemicals, metals, organisms, and sediment from your tap water. Water from the cold water line goes through a series of filters that remove sediment, chemicals, and other contaminants before reaching the membrane.

The water is then forced through the membrane so pure water comes out one side and wastewater flows down a discharge tube to the drain. Purified water is then sent to a small holding tank until you turn on the faucet and then you can fill your glass with purified water from its own tap.

The Water Filtration System Installs Under The Sink

You can buy a reverse osmosis system that sits on the countertop near your sink, but it's more convenient to mount it under the sink. However, if your sink is over a basement, the plumber might be able to install the system on the basement wall and run the water lines up to the sink. You might need a plumber to install the water filter for you since it has to connect to the cold water line and drain.

A Dedicated Tap Is Installed

A reverse osmosis filtration system works slowly and creates wastewater, so you probably don't want to use it for anything but drinking and cooking. Once your system is installed, your old tap continues to deliver unfiltered water as it did before.

Purified water comes out of a new tap that's installed in an opening in your sink. If your sink has a hole with a cap on it for adding a sprayer or soap dispenser, the plumber can install the new tap in the hole so the tap is near your old faucet and convenient to use.

The Filters Need To Be Replaced Periodically

You can buy different kinds of reverse osmosis filtration systems. Some have more filters than others, but even the most basic system has more than one filter. Follow the instructions in the manual for the brand of filter you buy when determining when you need to change the filters. Be sure to change them on schedule so your water stays pure, fresh-tasting, and safe to drink.