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2 Signs Your Store's Refrigeration Case's Seal Needs Replacing

If you operate a store that offers refrigerated food items, you know that keeping the food cold is important for ensuring that it stays safe and maintains its quality. However, you may have noticed lately that the food is not being kept as cold as it should, especially items near the front of the unit. While the problem could be caused by a bad condenser, the culprit could simply be the seal on the door. If you suspect that this could be the case, look for the following signs that the seal on your store's refrigeration case is failing and needs replacing.

1.  Condensation Forms on the Inside of the Glass Doors

One sign that the seal on your refrigeration case's door is malfunctioning is the presence of condensation on the inside of the door's glass. Normally, when a customer opens the door to retrieve an item, the glass will fog up temporarily because of the changes in temperature and humidity levels.

However, if the condensation forms even if it has been hours since the door was opened, there is warm exterior air entering the refrigeration unit. If the seal is failing, the warm air will leak inside, increasing the temperature and humidity around the door and cause moisture to stick to the glass.

2.  Unit Runs Constantly Without Being Able to Keep Food Cold

Another sign that the seal on the case's door is failing is when you notice that the unit is constantly running and never seems to shut off. Along with this issue, the food near the front of the case behind the door feels warm.

If the seal is allowing warm air to enter into the case, the warmth will send a signal to the thermostat that it needs to continue cooling the refrigerator. However, even if the unit is constantly fighting to keep the interior cool, the warm air surrounding the food will cause it to warm up.

If the door's seal is failing, the quality and safety of your store's food are at risk and action needs to be taken immediately. Fortunately, you will probably not have to replace the entire unit or even the door to remedy the issue. Contact a business from which you can buy supermarket refrigeration case parts to give them your particular unit's model number so that they can guide you on which seal you need to purchase so that you can replace the defective one.